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More college-educated moms are working than ever before

A predicted pandemic cliff for women’s employment never materialized and records are now falling.

Sara Friedman • 7 hours ago
A Black man, woman, and little boy smiling and walking, holding shopping bags.

Shopping malls aren’t dead — just different

From pickleball to doctors’ offices, the malls of tomorrow will look a little bit different.

Sara Friedman • 1 day ago
An Asian woman sleeping at her desk with a laptop and headphones. A thought bubble filled with computer code hovers over her head.

A real nightmare: Tech that lets you work in your sleep

Tech startup Prophetic is working on a headpiece to harness lucid dreams.

Sara Friedman • 2 days ago
A gray, light brown, and dark brown stuffed animal on a rainbow background.

The competition is stiff for plush toys

Toy brands are making their products softer and cuter to capture the wallets of adult consumers.

Sara Friedman • December 5, 2023
A white car with a yellow lightning bolt hovering above it on a paved road that turns into an arrow pointing up. The background is purple and covered in lightning strikes.

Electrified roads could be the tipping point for EV adoption

Detroit’s new roadway is a big step toward a fully electric future.

Sara Friedman • December 4, 2023
A man and woman sitting across from each other in chairs, both texting.

Some users are swiping left on traditional dating apps

Today’s singles are turning to in-person connections and niche platforms to find love.

Sara Friedman • November 30, 2023
A Christmas wreath made out of pine branches, pine cones, and dollar bills with a red bow on a red background.

Deck the halls: Holiday decorating is reaching new heights

From 12-foot skeletons to Christmas stockings, Americans are spending big on holidays.

Sara Friedman • November 29, 2023
Three gravestones with iMessage bubbles and keyboards.

Grief tech startups want to help you text from beyond the grave

New AI startups are looking to end mourning for good.

Sara Friedman • November 28, 2023
A crocodile purse filled with a stuffed bunny, a baby bottle, diapers, and one-hundred-dollar bills.

It’s all about the luxury goods, baby

Designer brands are after some new, tiny customers.

Sara Friedman • November 28, 2023
An American flag with a red “Now hiring” sign hanging from it.

The government is welcoming laid-off tech workers with open arms

Uncle Sam wants you (and all the other tech workers).

Sara Friedman • November 27, 2023
A beagle in a red bandana emerging from a brown wooden dog house.

‘Barkitecture’ is the hot new interior design trend

Your pet is taking over the house in style.

Sara Friedman • November 22, 2023
A woman in a yellow shirt and a man in a blue sweater sitting across from each other at a conference table, both looking at their phones.

WeWork might be dead, but coworking lives on

The demand for shared workspaces isn’t gone, but it will look a little different.

Sara Friedman • November 16, 2023
A white male hand adding a signature on a portable checkout screen with a credit card inserted.

Americans are tipping more than ever, but feel confused about it

The country is divided over when — and how much — to tip.

Sara Friedman • November 15, 2023
Four children sitting in a row staring at iPads, phones, and tablets.

Suck it, tie-dye — content creation is camp’s new darling

Programs teaching kids how to be YouTube stars are taking off.

Sara Friedman • November 14, 2023
A young girl with curly hair wearing over-ear headphones and smiling on a blue background.

Companies are prioritizing accessibility with sensory-friendly offerings

From retailers to travel companies, brands are imagining a more equitable future.

Sara Friedman • November 13, 2023
A silver robot hand typing on a laptop on an orange background with a transparent photo of a resume and a job application.

To whom it may concern: AI wrote that cover letter

Fed-up applicants are letting bots handle their job searches.

Sara Friedman • November 8, 2023
A pink piggy bank smashed to pieces on a wooden shelf, revealing a roll of cash.

Bringing bankrupt brands back from the dead is big business

Niche firms are saving brands from going extinct, and they’re making money doing it.

Sara Friedman • November 7, 2023
A white husky and a black-and-white husky sitting in front of a table full of dog cupcakes and wearing party hats with balloon dogs in the background.

Attention, party animals: Events for dogs are all the rage

The hottest new invite is your doodle’s third birthday.

Sara Friedman • November 7, 2023
A man from the waist down in pink shorts and yellow sneakers teeing up at an indoor golf hole with a screen in the background.

Indoor golf clubs bring the sport — and the schmoozing — inside

Golf simulators and hefty membership fees bring a social sport to the great indoors.

Sara Friedman • November 2, 2023
A white woman’s side profile, showing just her mouth and nose, with a mountain of plain black shopping bags in the background.

A new way for businesses to reach customers? Through the nose

Brands are looking to deliver immersive experiences that tap all five senses.

Sara Friedman • November 1, 2023
A robot hand and a white male hand in a suit jacket both reaching for a silver fork and knife on a gray background.

In the battle for restaurant reservations, it’s diners vs. bots

Bots are gobbling up all the hard-to-get dinner reservations, so businesses are fighting back.

Sara Friedman • October 31, 2023
A bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich on an everything bagel against a purple backdrop with lightning and dollar bills.

The breakfast sandwich reigns supreme

Brands are hungry for a bite of the breakfast category.

Sara Friedman • October 30, 2023
A man and a woman in copper tubs filled with ice cubes.

Cold plunges are going corporate

The obsession with ice baths reaches new depths.

Sara Friedman • October 26, 2023
The back view of five young people all wearing backpacks and walking with location pin graphics hovering over their heads on a rainbow background.

Privacy, who? Gen Z is sharing its location

Location-sharing tech is becoming more popular as young people look to stay safe and stay connected.

Sara Friedman • October 25, 2023
An Asian woman in a white button-down and glasses helping an elderly Asian man with white hair and glasses look at someone on a smartphone.

The newest addition to workplace benefits? Caregiving support

In the race to retain top talent, employers are exploring a new category of benefits.

Sara Friedman • October 24, 2023
Storefronts of Texas Roadhouse, Olive Garden, and Outback Steakhouse

Unlimited breadsticks and a side of nostalgia: Chain restaurants are back

The restaurants of strip malls past are having their moment in the spotlight.

Sara Friedman • October 23, 2023
A mirrored image of a man in a purple hoodie and navy puffer coat holding a green grocery basket and touching the screen of a self-checkout kiosk.

Are self-checkouts a cautionary tale in our race toward automation?

Not so fast, robot overlords. We still have a lot to figure out.

Sara Friedman • October 20, 2023
Blue running sneakers with gray and orange trim on a black, orange, and blue wavy background.

Loafers are out, sneakers are in: Office fashion isn’t going back

Offices are getting more casual — from head to toe.

Sara Friedman • October 19, 2023
A variety of green plants in white and beige pots on a blue and gray background.

Caring for the office’s finicky Ficus is now a thriving industry

Maintenance services for office plants are part of a thriving new industry.

Sara Friedman • October 16, 2023
A woolly mammoth inside of a burger bun on a white plate with a gray background.

Lions and tigers and mammoths, oh my! Cultivated meat is getting weird

Move over chicken, there are some new — extinct — lab-grown meats in town.

Sara Friedman • October 12, 2023

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