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The UK really wants a trillion-dollar tech company

The UK wants to create a trillion-dollar tech company. The way of doing it -- massive state aid -- could lead to the opposite result.

Trung T. Phan • September 14, 2020

Yes Theory: “The true path to creativity is to put yourself in situations that are unusual to you”

Yes Theory, one of Youtube's most popular channels (1.8B views), has inspired millions. The team just launched a podcast and we did a Q&A to find out more.

Trung T. Phan • September 13, 2020

This German internet company copied itself to success. Now, its biz model is in question.

Rocket Internet built a multibillion dollar business by cloning US firms. Its business model is now in question and plans to delist from European stock exchanges.

Trung T. Phan • September 10, 2020

Remote work is destroying America’s white-collar office economy

The sudden shift to remote work is having a devastating effect on the multitrillion-dollar office support economy including travel, hotels, dining, and office supplies.

Trung T. Phan • September 10, 2020

David Hall: “We are seeing the boomerang of talent back into the Midwest”

The Midwest’s economy is very underrated. We spoke with Revolution's David Hall to find out the best startup opportunities in the region.

Trung T. Phan • September 8, 2020

Blackstone, the $500B+ PE firm, has been very busy this summer

Blackstone is the world’s biggest PE firm. It manages $500B+ and has a history of dealmaking during a crisis. This time is no different.

Trung T. Phan • September 8, 2020

This AI startup is reading the entire internet non-stop. Why?

Diffbot is training its AI to be more trustworthy by reading the internet nonstop and creating a system that ensures the accuracy of its data.

Trung T. Phan • September 8, 2020

Tech companies spend a LOT of money on the cloud

If you think you spend a lot of money on random subscriptions, check out how much these big internet companies spend on the cloud.

Trung T. Phan • September 8, 2020

Hip-hop, bitcoin and stimulus checks: How Square’s Cash App became a $40B business

Square’s Cash App could be worth as much as $40B. The story of how it got here includes hip-hop, bitcoin and stimulus checks.

Trung T. Phan • September 7, 2020

Ever wanted to own an NBA highlight? Now you can.

Dapper Labs, a blockchain company, has partnered with the NBA to make digital collectibles of in-game highlights a reality.

Trung T. Phan • September 4, 2020

Why Amazon stopped including purchase info in order confirmations

To protect its data edge, Amazon stopped sending order confirmation and shipping details to our inboxes. In a world of augmented reality (AR) glasses, it won’t be so easy to protect a data moat.

Trung T. Phan • September 3, 2020

Why Tesla’s former CTO is crazy about the battery recycling industry

With the global EV fleet set to explode over the next decade, the world needs the raw materials for batteries. Tesla’s former CTO has a solution: battery recycling.

Trung T. Phan • September 3, 2020

Why Facebook is threatening to block Australians from sharing news

Why Facebook is threatening to block Australians from sharing news

Trung T. Phan • September 2, 2020

A below-the-radar winner in the streaming wars: Roku

Roku is a minnow compared to giants in the streaming space (AT&T, Amazon, Apple, Disney Netflix). How did it become a content gatekeeper?

Trung T. Phan • September 2, 2020

What Google Meet vs. Zoom says about the unbundling of G Suite

Zoom’s meteoric rise in the video chat space is a lesson in the unbundling of G Suite. What are the other opportunities?

Trung T. Phan • August 31, 2020

It’s IPO Season: Fun facts you need to know

Last week, 7 private companies (totalling $44B) filed for an IPO. Here’s what you need to know.

Trung T. Phan • August 31, 2020

Why is the SEC shaking up its investing rules?

The SEC is changing its rules for investing in private markets. Find out what it means for you.

Trung T. Phan • August 31, 2020

Amazon just pulled some PR jujitsu (again)

Why is Amazon supporting a bill that would make it liable for 3rd-party sellers on its platform?

Trung T. Phan • August 28, 2020

The Dow index got a makeover. What does it mean?

The Dow index had its biggest reshuffle in years. With Salesforce in and Exxon out, what does this all mean?

Trung T. Phan • August 27, 2020

The Big Short is back. The latest target? Shopping malls

Investors made billions shorting the US housing bubble in 2007-08. Another ‘Big Short’ is brewing now with shopping malls as the target.

Trung T. Phan • August 26, 2020

The hottest trend in finance? ‘Blank check companies’

SPACs (AKA ‘blank check companies’) are storming public markets

Trung T. Phan • August 25, 2020

The ‘Tesla of chicken nuggets’ is using memes to stand out in the race to replace meat

The startup behind the “Tesla of chicken nuggets” is mastering faux meat and memes.

Trung T. Phan • August 25, 2020

What’s powering Apple’s $2T valuation, and where it’s headed next

The keys to Apple’s $2T market cap: product strategy and ecosystem.

Trung T. Phan • August 24, 2020

Who are the most baller No. 2s in corporate America?

Giving corporate America’s top No. 2s the shine they deserve

Trung T. Phan • August 24, 2020

Ben Pasternak: “SIMULATE is a nutrition company with a software framework”

The founder behind the "Tesla of chicken nuggets" tells us how his startup operates like a tech company, whether he owns any $TSLA and a billion-dollar biz idea.

Trung T. Phan • August 23, 2020

Tesla’s mind-blowing stock rally (and the EV landscape), explained

It’s way ahead of its electric vehicle competitors, one expert told us.

Trung T. Phan • August 21, 2020

UFC Champ Michael Champ and Aaron Avruskin break down the secrets of acquiring giant Instagram accounts

Learn how the PlayLine team is able to turbocharge their gaming platform's growth by leveraging Instagram meme accounts.

Trung T. Phan • August 19, 2020

Mozilla’s layoffs are bad news for a more competitive browser war

Its business model looks shaky as bigger players grow.

Trung T. Phan • August 13, 2020

The first rule of monopoly club: Don’t talk about monopoly club

Google coaches its employees on how they should talk about competition.

Trung T. Phan • August 11, 2020

What’s behind the crazy market rally? A billionaire investor explains

The Fed’s rate cuts are boosting stocks -- and the FAAMG crowd is exceptional.

Trung T. Phan • August 10, 2020

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