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Bill Pulte, the Twitter Philanthropist, tells us what innovations he’s working on in the charity space

Bill Pulte’s request for a startup: a GoFundMe that can rank the causes most in need.

December 7, 2020

I recently wrote about how payment apps (Venmo, Cash App) are disrupting charity. 

Featured in the article is Bill Pulte, a 31-year old investor and entrepreneur who coined the term “Twitter Philanthropy” and has given away $800k+ via Cash App to those in need. 

Pulte’s grandfather (William Pulte) founded PulteGroup, one of America’s largest home construction and real estate development firms. 

After reading the article, Pulte reached out me on (you guessed it) Twitter and we had a follow-up chat:


Do you have a request for a startup in the charity space?

Many people have lost faith in leaders and institutions, so we’ve started a movement to decentralize philanthropy which would replace the old “overhead-ridden” charitable organizations.

A startup that would be extremely successful in the space would be one that is similar to GoFundMe but that allows users to vote for whichever person or charity looks to be the most in need.  

I am working with folks at TeamGiving (where I joined the board) to figure out what the inputs would be to determine which causes are most in need. We are working on some things, but we are definitely open to anyone in the open source community who wants to help.

My grandfather used to tell me that if you don’t care who gets credit, you can get a lot done in life. 

So my focus is on trying to get the best people to work on this.

What is a criticism of Twitter Philanthropy you give some credence to (and what is your counter)?

Some people want me to help more people, but as I’ve said, this Twitter Philanthropy movement will not be successful so long as it is dependent on me.  

We have created tens of thousands of philanthropists (regular, good people) through Twitter Philanthropy, and if we can get enough people to give $7 or $10 to help other people, we will continue to innovate philanthropy by going direct person-to-person.

You have a background in real estate, what do you think of iBuying (OpenDoor, Zillow)? 

One of the innovators in home buying will win, and I bet they will win big!  In fact, I am considering taking a position in OpenDoor through $IPOB.

What’s the best advice you ever received? 

Surround yourself with smarter people than yourself in specific areas that are not an expertise.

What’s the best book you read in the past 12 months?

Sam Walton’s Made in America, because his lessons are timeless, and he reminds me of my late best friend, my grandfather William Pulte.

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