Albertsons joins IBM’s blockchain network to keep better tabs on its supply chain

Albertsons will pilot IBM’s blockchain-based Food Trust network to keep better tabs on its supply chain

April 12, 2019

Last December, Santa Barbara lettuce growers recalled their romaine after it led to an outbreak of E. coli infection that sickened over 50 people across the US.

Well that does it — to prevent future food safety f*ck-ups, Albertsons is joining IBM’s blockchain-based Food Trust network to improve transparency of how food is tracked from farm to grocer.

Bringing companies together in the spirit of transparency

IBM’s blockchain-based food tracking platform, which creates a digital record of every transaction or interaction on the journey to your local grocery store, went live for global retail use in October after 18 months of pilot programs.

IBM’s “solution-as-a-service” cloud platform was created to help promote greater transparency and collaboration, and, ultimately, a safer food supply chain by allowing eyes on a broad range of QC issues.

The more the merrier

With the Food Trust, IBM allows companies from across the food-scape to join and share data to help bring a crystal-clear view of the lifespan of food products (like romaine lettuce) that will help narrow nationwide food recalls into laser-accurate eliminations of certain products.

The more brands that join systems like the Food Trust, the stronger the transacting ecosystem becomes.

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