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Building a $1m/year Course in 18 Months with Jack Butcher from Visualize Value

Last week we did a new content series for Trends where I interviewed Trends member Andrew Wilkinson on how he hires CEOs.

Andrew owns Tiny, a network of companies that collectively does $100m in sales across 18 different businesses. To make it work, he hires CEOs to run the businesses. And in our interview, I ask Andrew how he finds, trains, and hires CEOs.

You can listen to it here.

Trends members loved it. We made the first 15 minutes free. And the rest, along with a discussion on the topic in our community and weekly research, is for subscribers.

So, because we give the people want they want, we’re making this a regular series.

Again, this is for Trends members only, which costs $299/year and comes with our weekly reports and private community.

However, we’ll post show notes for free and in the daily email (sign up!) so even if you’re not subscribed you can still get some value.

This week’s interview is with Jack Butcher. You can listen to the first 15 min for free.

Me, my wife Sara, Celia Butcher, and Jack Butcher

I met Jack recently in our Trends community and we ended up hanging out in real life a few weeks later.

I’ve met a lot of interesting people due to my job. Jack ranks up there are one of the more interesting.

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These are the types of images that Jack posts to build his following. I LOVE them.
Jack uses images like these to tell a story. This story: build once, sell twice.
Jack shares his revenue each month on his Twitter.

In this podcast, we discuss:

You can listen to the first 15 minutes of the episode here for free.

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