EMAILED ON March 30, 2018 BY Mia Hagerty

Bumble stings back — files $400m suit against Match Group

Less than 2 weeks after Match Group filed a lawsuit for copyright infringement of their swipe-to-connect feature, Bumble fired back with a $400m stinger.

Now Bumble is seeking damages for the patent infringement lawsuit, claiming that Match Group used it to cheapen their company and keep other equity investments away from their honey.

Don’t poke the hive 

Match Group started goin’ steady with Bumble last June, requesting business strategy and performance information from the company while it mulled an acquisition offer. 

After Match Group made what Bumble considered to be a ‘lowball’ offer of $450m, they ended things but decided to try and remain friends. 

It didn’t take long for Match Group to become the crazy ex — filing a patent infringement suit against Bumble right around the time they resumed talks of rekindling their acquisition flame.

But, you know what they say… fool me once… 

This isn’t Bumble founder/CEO Whitney Wolfe Herd’s first rodeo, and she’s certainly no stranger to bullying tactics. She left Tinder in 2014 after being harassed by co-founder and then-boyfriend Justin Mateen via text message and company events

Yesterday, Match Group said Bumble’s lawsuit had “no substance” and that they looked forward to “proving that in court.” If Herd stays true to character, a ‘kiss and make-up’ scenario won’t be happening anytime soon.