Burger King launches a coffee subscription to take its sip of the subscription economy
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Burger King launches a coffee subscription to take its sip of the subscription economy

Burger King launched a program called BK Cafe, which offers coffee every day for $5/month, to get people on its app.

The burger brainiacs that brought us the BK Lounge are back with another idea that just might change the world: The BK Cafe.

Burger King has launched a coffee subscription service that gives burger buyers extra buzz for their bucks, offering 1 small cup of coffee every day for just $5 per month.

Come for the coffee, stay for the Bacon Double Cheeseburger

Customer traffic at fast food restaurants has declined for the last 3 years, so BK Cafe could help Burger King get bargain hunters in the door for cheap cups o’ joe and then sell them less-cheap burgers.

But in addition to getting burger-eating butts in Burger King’s seats, BK Cafe could also get burger-ordering fingers in Burger King’s app — which is required to redeem the cheap java.

Why haven’t Ronald and The King done this before?

Even for bargain burger businesses like Burger King, low-margin programs like the BK Cafe are inherently risky because they generate little revenue, or even a loss (daily customers would pay only 17¢ per cup).

But companies like Starbucks have successfully attracted customers to their apps with deals — and then converted them into regular buyers with promotions and loyalty programs. If it works, BK Cafe could serve a similar purpose for The King.

It’s not the first time the Bad Boy of the Big Burger biz has made a bold bet on its app: Last year, the King offered 1¢ Whoppers — to anyone who ordered them from inside a McDonald’s.

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