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EMAILED ON September 12, 2017 BY THE HUSTLE

California: The Buzzkill State?

Turns out Cali weed startups were flying a little too high with their dreams of one day airlifting your bud: California’s Bureau of Cannabis Control has recently unveiled new regulatory rules banning drones from delivering weed.

Poor Stoners startups

Yes, lovers of the devil’s lettuce may be sad, but the companies who’ve staked a claim at the aero-pot dealer table are the real ones getting burned.

Startups like MDelivers, Eaze, and Trees Delivery, unfortunately, jumped the gun on their promise to have autonomous weed drones, and will now have to come up with a new gimmick to get stoners their green more promptly.

Major bummer. But where there’s a drone, there’s a way…

Unfortunately, the southern US is facing a lot bigger problems than running out of weed, and in other drone news, UPS is partnering with the Red Cross and drone manufacturer CyPhy Works to assess storm damage in areas affected by hurricanes.

These tethered drones can fly up to 400 feet above ground for days at a time (being tethered to the ground allows constant power to be provided from a generator), equipped with a 30X zoom camera in order to help identify those who need help quickly and safely while catastrophe unfolds.