MFM #100 with Anthony “Pomp” Pompliano

On today's episode, Shaan and Sam are joined by Anthony "Pomp" Pompliano. They talk about Pomp's background, the loneliness epidemic, the automation of the service industry, and the "Export Framework" of business generation.

My First Million • August 12, 2020

MFM #97 with Andrew Wilkinson: The Warren Buffett of the Internet Returns

On today's episode, Shaan and Sam are joined by Andrew Wilkinson, "The Warren Buffett of the Internet". They talk about why it's so much better to be Warren Buffett and not Elon Musk, how Andrew started a local newsletter that became bigger than his local newspaper, and what the guys would do to generate millions in a short period of time.

My First Million • July 31, 2020

MFM #96: The Entrepreneur Betting Billions On American Passenger Trains

On today's episode, Shaan and Sam talk: Charter cities and planned communities, Wed Edens, the man investing billions in American trains, SPACs and the world of financial engineers, and building for the creator economy.

My First Million • July 29, 2020

MFM #95 with Craig Clemens: The 9-Figure Company You’ve Never Heard Of

Shaan and Sam are joined by DTC brand founder, Craig Clemens. Craig talks about how he got his start, how to launch a new product, and a bunch of ideas for potential businesses.

My First Million • July 24, 2020

MFM #94: Is GPT-3 the Next Big Thing?

Shaan and Sam dive into GPT-3, BNI, and an erotica newsletter. Sam also does an impromptu interview of Shaan.

My First Million • July 22, 2020

MFM #93: Why Tai Lopez Bought Pier One

Shaan and Sam talk about being a "wartime CEO", the business of meditation, Tai Lopez' acquisition of Pier One, and the Twitter hack.

My First Million • July 17, 2020

MFM #92: The Three Month Old Company Profiting $90k Per Day

Shaan and Sam talk about how Henry Ford started Ford with just $28k, a mask company netting $90k daily, and a mysterious 9-figure company.

My First Million • July 15, 2020

MFM #91: Ben Askren’s Journey From UFC Champion to Crypto Investor

Shaan and Sam are joined by former UFC star Ben Askren. Ben talks about his journey to becoming an MMA champion and his post career business endeavors.

My First Million • July 10, 2020

MFM #90: How a Newsletter Generates $2m With Only 5,000 Subscribers

Shaan and Sam discuss the world of car racks, a super profitable newsletter, and spying employers.

My First Million • July 8, 2020

MFM #89: The Man Who Gamed Uber

Shaan and Sam are joined by Abhishek Kumar Maurya, who built UberPro. They also ask, "How can you make millions in a couple of months?"

My First Million • July 6, 2020

MFM #87/#88: The millions to be made from Reddit

Shaan and Sam are joined by Greg Isenberg to discuss the multi-million dollar companies being created from the unbundling of Reddit.

My First Million • July 1, 2020

MFM #83: Why the Washington Post is Copying Amazon

Why the Washington Post is copying Amazon, how the Kochs got so rich and why you should bet on Snapchat.

My First Million • June 15, 2020

MFM #82: How to angel invest with no money

Shaan Puri explains how he angel invested with no money and how he lost out on million.

My First Million • June 15, 2020

MFM #81: The Genius Way Liquid Death Sells Canned Water

How a punk-rocker raised $12m to sell canned water.

My First Million • June 5, 2020

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