Getting Called “Sweetie” Helped this Entrepreneur Create a Multi-Million-Dollar Business

“Sweetie,” the executive said. “And I just dropped the phone for a minute.”

Sam Parr • January 28, 2021

We tried a hangover pill and the results are in…

“Magical” pills that make you feel better after a long night of drinking? Sign us up!

The Hustle • December 20, 2017

Elysium Health Wants To Change the Way You Age – Starting With Your Cells

Elysium Health doesn’t want to “cure” aging. They just want people to live healthier for longer.

The Hustle • December 4, 2017

Disrupting Sleep: A Business Success Story

Sometimes the best ideas are born from necessity. Other times it’s an itchy pillowcase.

The Hustle • September 25, 2017

This Entrepreneur Is Restoring Common Sense to Personal Care, Two Armpits at a Time

Moiz Ali loves talking about deodorant. Like, a lot.

The Hustle • August 30, 2017

I Used The “Tesla of Toothbrushes” for 7 Days. Here’s My Honest Opinion on the Toothbrush Investors Are Raving About. Updated 2019

If you've been on the internet in the last 12 months then you've most likely seen an advertisement for Quip. So...why's this thing so great? Here's my review.

Sam Parr • August 8, 2017

This Female Entrepreneur Is Disrupting the $99 Billion Dollar Soda Industry

Like a well-hydrated David against an overweight, possibly diabetic Goliath.

Sam Parr • August 3, 2017

How 2 Designers Raised $100,000 on Kickstarter in 6 hours

Here's exactly how two founders have raised hundreds of thousands on Kickstarter and are on track to do $5 million in revenue.

Sam Parr • July 28, 2016

This 27-Year-Old Will Make $5 Million This Year Selling Bags Online

Here's how a startup grew to $5 million in sales in only two years without taking any outside funding.

Sam Parr • June 16, 2016

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