The one thing you need if you want to land your dream job

Frickin’ follow through. 9 out of 10 people apply for the job and then forget about it. Here’s what you should do immediately after applying.

Sam Parr • April 17, 2018

4 money hacking apps you probably don't know about

Today's Toolbox comes from friend of The Hustle and founder of financial planning company Grove, Chris Hutchins. These are not ads or affiliate links.

Lindsey Quinn • April 10, 2018

How I stopped worrying and learned to love small tasks

Alright, love is a strong word. Like, maybe. Ok, I’m cordial with small tasks at best.

Lindsey Quinn • April 3, 2018

Fix your website code in 6 minutes flat (even if you have no idea how to code)

I’ve tested hundreds of products for this Toolbox section, but this site I recently discovered has officially cracked my top 5 favorite products.

Sam Parr • March 27, 2018

Like finding $20 in your pocket — but way, way better

How to search the government’s lost and found for cold, hard cash.

Sam Parr • March 20, 2018

Hustle for dat muscle

Here are my favorite non-gym fitness products that are just as good, if not better, than their expensive counterparts.

Sam Parr • March 13, 2018

Remember those broke college days?

You know, when checking your bank account gave you anxiety? Now, that’s how I feel checking email. Luckily, I found Inbox When Ready.

Sam Parr • February 27, 2018

Laurel & Wolf

Take a picture of your space and Laurel & Wolf’s designers will tell you exactly how to make your pad look fantastic. It’s crazy easy, and makes a good gift for any adult who still thinks those felt, black light posters are cool. They’re not.

The Hustle • December 2, 2017

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

A classic book that makes a boring topic, decluttering and staying organized, not so boring. Give this to your roommates to drop a (not so) subtle hint.

The Hustle • December 2, 2017

Darn Tough Socks

We get it, socks are the last thing you want to get, or give, as a gift. But these Darn Tough socks mean business. Built like a tank and comfy like a Bentley. If the lifetime warranty doesn’t sell you, the fit will.

The Hustle • December 2, 2017

Marine Layer Reed Field Jacket

From desk to beach, good looks there and everywhere in between. The Marine Layer Reed Field Jacket is the only jacket a person needs. C’mon, just look at the thing. It’s quality construction meets Cali-vibes.

The Hustle • December 2, 2017

Back to the Roots Garden-in-a-Can

Back to the Roots makes growing fresh herbs accessible for urbanites and indoor plant lovers. Plus, indoor plants reduce stress and create a feeling of well-being. Give Back to the Roots for the green-thumb or Berkeley-native in your life.

The Hustle • December 1, 2017

OXO Cold Brew Coffee Maker

For conscious, eco-friendly coffee and tea lovers alike, a personal cold brew coffee maker opens new doors of caffeinated consumption. Whether for yourself or another, this gift is sure to get you buzzed.

The Hustle • December 1, 2017


Sometimes, coffee and a cold shower doesn’t cut it. After we finish a 14 hour day at the office, we have to relax. Soothe is the in-home massage that relaxes away tension at home (or work).

The Hustle • December 1, 2017

Elysium Health Basis

Elysium Health is on a mission to help you live healthier, for longer. Their flagship product, a supplement called Basis, is the first step to getting there. If a healthier life doesn’t sound like the best gift you can give your parents, you’re heartless.

The Hustle • December 1, 2017

Microsoft Surface Book 2

Okay, battery problems aside, this is a great machine. The Surface Book 2 combines the functionality of a tablet with the get-sh*t-done mentality of a laptop, and the new Microsoft OS is actually enjoyable. Apple fanboys, it’s time to question your loyalty.

The Hustle • December 1, 2017

The Light Phone

The Light Phone is anti-technology technology. Built to keep you connected, but only just enough. The Light Phone is perfect for anyone looking to ditch their digital crutch without disappearing completely.

The Hustle • December 1, 2017

Bob Seger's Night Moves (Vinyl)

Bob Seger is the G.O.A.T. and there is no better intro to Seger, hell, no better intro to Rock ‘N Roll, than Night Moves. With some of the most classic rock riffs to have graced the airwaves, this album is a staple of any vinyl collection.

The Hustle • December 1, 2017

Rylo 360 Camera

Sure, it records 4K quality video, but the coolest feature is changing angles and editing right on your phone post shoot, so you’re not meticulously planning shots like some low-rent Michael Bay.

The Hustle • December 1, 2017


This is the easiest gift on the list. Just upload any picture to Framebridge and a week later, you’ll have it framed on your doorstep. Plus, giving a framed photo as a gift will make you look fancier than you really are without costing a ton.

The Hustle • December 1, 2017

Oxford Pennant

Pennants went out style somewhere between the collegiate sweater vest and poodle skirts but Oxford Pennant is bringing them back. Updated for modern design aesthetics, while maintaining an old-school sensibility.

The Hustle • December 1, 2017

Bushwick Kitchen Threes Knees Spicy Trio

Do you or someone you know have a serious spice addiction? We’re talking a “I’m one step away from putting hot sauce on corn flakes” kinda addiction. This trifecta of spicy honey, syrup, and Gochujang helps the spice lover in your life put some heat on literally everything.

The Hustle • December 1, 2017

23andMe DNA Test

Get to know who you really are, by spitting in this tube. The DNA test kit from 23andMe is finally affordable and if you’re curious about the tiny chains that make you, you, it’s worth some spit.

The Hustle • December 1, 2017

Next Thing Co. Pocket CHIP

Your own mobile hacking station. The Pocket CHIP from Next Thing Co. plays games, sings karaoke, and does just about everything else you’d expect from a miniature computer.

The Hustle • December 1, 2017

The Objects that Power the Global Economy

It’s a book about 10 things that changed the world. Seriously, just 10 things. Give it to 10 friends. Maybe they’ll change the world.

The Hustle • December 1, 2017

iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit

Everyone’s surrounded by technology 24/7, so you have two options when your smart device inevitably breaks down. Suck it up and call the Geek Squad, or fix it yourself. We prefer the latter and this kit has a bolt and bit for every device and situation.

The Hustle • December 1, 2017

Radical Candor

Drop your terrible boss the hint. Give them Radical Candor; a Silicon Valley favorite on becoming a great leader without losing humanity. Subtle? You tell us.

The Hustle • December 1, 2017

Further Hand Soap

A hand soap? Really? Yes, really. The husband and wife team behind Further hit the olfactory jackpot with their products and even source their main ingredient, glycerin, from sustainable sources like used grease from Mario Batali restaurants.

The Hustle • December 1, 2017

ASICS Gel-Kayano 24

Yes, it's the quintessential dad sneaker — but it's also arguably the best running shoe on the market for stability and comfort. If you know a runner, gifting these are a no-brainer.

The Hustle • December 1, 2017

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