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EMAILED ON September 13, 2017 BY THE HUSTLE

“Let’s take WeWork, and do it somewhere else!” — UrWork

WeWork has filed a lawsuit against Chinese coworking company “UrWork” for trademark infringement.

UrWork has been around since 2015 and has 88 locations in 22 Chinese cities — and, as of this year, it’s also planning a massive overseas expansion in 32 cities worldwide.

But, it appears that UrWork’s July announcement of a new 34k square-foot location on WeWork’s home turf in Manhattan was the final straw.

This time, it’s personal

WeWork has demanded a trial by jury, citing their defining characteristic of “a two-syllable word beginning with a two-letter pronoun joined with the word “Work.”

UrWork’s founder Mao Daqing maintains that only the English version is a play on WeWork, and in China, the characters, sound, and meaning of the name are all different.

Which might check out… but according to WeWork, UrWork also copied the company’s logo and mobile app icon.

Take a hugely successful US company and copy it in China?

It’s so crazy… It just. Might. Work.

Actually it did: UrWork is backed by famed Silicon Valley VC firm, Sequoia, and claims to be worth $1.4B. And, guess who UrWork’s backing in a $3m funding round?

None other that Indonesia’s “ReWork.”