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Trouble sleeping lately? It may be your eyes

Blasting your e-balls with blue light — the special, not-so-great type of light emitted by computers, smartphones, and TVs — every day can lead to headaches, strained eyes, and insomnia. 

If #quarantine has you constantly scrolling Instagram, working on your laptop, and cruising through 8 consecutive episodes of Tiger King like us, then blue light may very well be to blame for your tossing and turning. 

Good news though — there’s a solution, and it’s a damn fashionable one. 

Christopher Cloos (code name “Blue Light Blocker”)

Not only do Christopher Cloos’s block out that bad blue light, these bad b’s are also made with superior spring hinges that fit every face. 

Classic frames + Quality craftsmanship + Protective blue light blocking lenses = Safe, stylish, superior specs. 

It’s as simple as that. 

A wide range of styles (plus polarized sunglasses, for when you take a siesta on the island Frontporch) means there’s a Cloos for everyone.

If you find yourself staring at a screen and struggling to sleep, try their blue light blocking lenses for 20% off when you use code H20

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