How Chubbies Created a Video with 23 Million Views

What do you get when you combine real-life Mario Kart characters, San Francisco's steepest hill, and a massive cult following? Yep: sales.

September 27, 2016

What do clothing startups and Game of Thrones have in common?

There are way too many players. There’s so much noise in the industry that it’s nearly impossible to stand out.

So how did Chubbies, the men’s short shorts company, manage to pull in a cult-like following of 1.5m+ Facebook followers? And how do they get hundreds of thousands of shares on their posts?

Easy: content marketing.

Every pixel of Chubbies’ content is designed to delight their audience.

Like this video of an all-male synchronized swim team that got 23m views and 360k shares.

Or this post with 53k views and over 600 comments.

A video posted by Chubbies (@chubbies) on

Or this video of real-life Mario Kart with 24m views.

Chubbies is creating content that’s loved by millions, getting people to buy into their vision – in this case, that weekends rule and pants drool.

And when users buy into your vision so much they jump off a bridge for you, they also buy your shorts.

And that, my friends, is why Chubbies has sold millions of dollars worth of shorts since they launched 5 years ago.

Grant Marek is the guy behind all of Chubbies’ content. If you wanna learn the exact steps Grant takes to create viral videos for Chubbies, click here to get your ticket to Con Con on Nov 4th.

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