BYO-Dank: Colorado has the nation’s first “bud and breakfast” hotel

A savvy businessman capitalizes on the concept of “wake and bake.”

Weed was legalized in Colorado in 2012 — and since then, it has brought in hundreds of millions in tax revenue, which the state has used to fund local schools and alleviate homelessness. But it’s still illegal to toke in public.

BYO-Dank: Colorado has the nation’s first “bud and breakfast” hotel

This sparked a high-dea for Colorado residents Joel and Lisa Schneider: to create the nation’s first pot-friendly hotel in 2014, aptly named “Bud+Breakfast.”

A bed and breakfast… with chiller marketing

The Schneiders don’t have a license to sell weed, so there’s a strict bring your own cannabis policy, but what Bud+Breakfast lacks in originality, it swiftly makes up for in stoner-like hospitality.

The Schneider’s Bud+Breakfast is a safe haven for guests to steez in peace while on vacation, with a complimentary “wake and bake” breakfast that includes bacon, eggs, and an open area to smoke that sweet green. Also included: a 4:20pm gathering in the living room, with munchies.


There’s been some highs and lows

At $299-$399 a night, guests of all (legal) ages travel across the country to toke it up in quaint Colorado fashion. Reportedly, the Schneiders raked in over $1m off their investment in 2016.

Unfortunately, they had a rocky 2017 (they had to close 2 additional locations), but the weed-trepreneurs feel confident they can bring the ebb back to a flow by licensing the Bud+Breakfast namesake to other proprietors.

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