The Hustle is a big ol’ pirate ship sailing through a sea of listicles and clickbait. We’re interested in high-quality, in-depth, badass storytelling. Sound interesting? Climb aboard, we’d love to have you.

What’s in it for you?

Get famous: We’ll give you huge audience of millions of people to share your story and the excuse to brag to your friends that you’re now a published on a bona fide website.

Learn to write good: You don’t have to be a great writer or storyteller…we’ll teach you. You’ll also get access to our famous writing course. To top it off, we’ll review and edit each piece you submit.

Look legit: And finally, all contributors on The Hustle get a beautiful profile page. You can put your photo in there, your LinkedIn, Facebook, portfolio or whatever else you wanna promote.

Payment: If your work is engaging enough, we’ll pay you for each article plus expenses.

So, what kind of stuff do we want you to write about?

Our mission is to inspire and teach millennials how to live epic lives. Each month has a different theme, but here’s the type of content we LOVE:

  • Profiles on interesting startup founders, artists, innovators, or anyone who lives an epic life
  • How you hitchhiked across the country
  • How you hustled your way to the top of some category
  • What you learned raising millions of funding for your startup…and what you learned after crashing and burning
  • A captivating story you found on the web and what the reader should learn
  • An interesting skill you know that most people are clueless about
  • Content that’ll motivate our intelligent readers to be better people

Examples of what we like: The Persuasive Sean Parker, How we sold 500 tickets in 5 weeks, From $0 to $25m — the iCracked story.

Photos, videos, essays, or blog posts — all are welcome. If you have an idea that ain’t here, just drop us a line and tell us what you’re thinking. After signing up and getting accepted, we’ll let you in on the theme for that month.

Types of content we pass on

We’re not Buzzfeed. We produce premium content for smart people. Don’t get me wrong, not all listicles are worthless, but we only publish insightful, clever, or awe-inspiring content. It’s not like we’re stuck up, we just don’t treat our readers like morons.

Who’s the audience

Your work will be seen by millions of:

  • Startup nerds (like us)
  • Intelligent, curious, and fun-loving 18 to 30 year olds
  • Entrepreneurs, investors, and shot-callers
  • Wanderlusts
  • Folks who go against the grain

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