Derringer Wallet Pen

Say hello to the pen everybody needs -- a pen that fits in your wallet. This is for the person always scrounging around for writing utensils in the most inconvenient places. With a brushed stainless steel finish, this retractable pen clips perfectly to the spine of a wallet, leaving no document unsigned.

the story

Here’s something fun: this wallet pen is the only thing Derringer Wallet Pen Company makes! Which means they are spending all of their time and energy on this retractable stainless steel pen that clips conveniently to the spine of your wallet. Don’t believe us? Check the reviews at the Writing Pen Store as well as Cool Tools.

why we like it

If simplicity really is the new sophistication, then The Derringer Wallet Pen is the most sophisticated product on the market. With it’s sleek, brushed stainless steel design at an easy $8, this durable pen is ready for action with one flip of your wallet flap.

The best part about this wallet is two things: it retracts to better fit the fold, and the clip on the pen makes it so it stays put in your wallet under the most rocky circumstances: whether you’re being held upside down by a middle school bully, or being body slammed by a Lucha Libre wrestler, this pen ain’t movin’ (not actually tested).

the competition

Ok, so, yes, amongst the other wallet pen designs there is one floating around out there that, full disclosure, has been endorsed by Oprah, yes, that Oprah, but if you take a look at the pen, not even a close look, just A look, you’ll see that it is doesn’t have near the same simplicity — oh, yeah, AND IT’S $75!

The word that comes to mind with Oprah’s cash behemoth of a wallet pen and many of the others on the market, is ‘clunk.’ Simplicity in a wallet pen is seemingly hard to find, and this stainless steel mini-pen made by Derringer Wallet Pen Company is just what the ink-doctor ordered.

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