Digits: A literal testament to one’s wealth, and more newsy numbers

Plus: Mexican food is hot, employees are on cloud nine-to-five, and more.

1) Hold on to your yarmulkes, folks — Sotheby’s is set to hold an auction of biblical proportions this week with the private sale of the Codex Sassoon, considered the earliest, most-complete Hebrew Bible in existence. Owning it will be a testament to one’s wealth, with the ~1.1k-year-old, 26-pound bible expected to go for $30m-$50m.

2) Taco ‘bout riding trends — with Mexican food sales projected to grow by $113.8B through 2026, hot sauce aficionado Cholula is, quite literally, turning up the heat on competition. The company, bought by McCormick & Co. for $800m in 2020, is expanding beyond hot sauce for the first time with new salsas and seasoning blends.

3) During Google’s I/O developer conference, the company amped up the volume on its AI love song 143x — in the form of mentions of the word “AI.” CEO Sundar Pichai led the charge by saying “AI” 1.15 times per minute during his keynote. The term “generative” got 30 mentions (probably generating some eye rolls in the process); meanwhile, OpenAI only mustered a single, byte-sized mention.

4) Looks like job satisfaction is reaching new heights, leaving employees on cloud nine-to-five. According to the Conference Board’s latest survey, 62.3% of US workers said they were satisfied with their job last year, the highest number since 1987 when the organization began surveying. Satisfaction has been steadily rising since it bottomed out in 2010 at 42.6%.

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