Digits: Oreos, space junk, and more news numbers

1) The “Top 100” — not the Morgan Wallen-dominated list, but the internal moniker for Apple’s 100 highest-ranking leaders — reportedly gathered last week for a demonstration of the company’s upcoming mixed-reality headset debuting in June.

2) Remote work is an increasingly remote possibility for American workers. According to new Labor Department data, 72.5% of businesses had little to no remote work in 2022, up from 60.1% in 2021, and close to the 76.7% pre-pandemic figure.

3) Here’s some star bucks for ya: When the $150B International Space Station has to dodge space junk, the cost of an emergency maneuver averages $1m per incident. As for the commercial satellite industry, evading space junk is considerably cheaper — in some cases just $699 a pop — thanks to satellites’ relatively small size. (Still, satellite operators are on the hook for ~$58m in annual junk-ducking costs.)

4) A Massachusetts man was sentenced to 4.5 years in prison for stealing $8m+ through online romance scams. One case involved a Florida woman who he had send over $200k+ to help release him from custody… after an “explosion on his oil rig.”

5) A group of MIT researchers doing God’s work — testing 1k+ Oreos to understand the best way to separate the cookies such that the creme sticks to both sides — found that, no matter if they’re slowly twisted apart over five minutes or 100x faster than a human, the creme will stick to one wafer ~80% of the time.

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