Digits: Shockingly good electrician data, and more newsy numbers

Plus: It’s Prime time

1) It’s a bright future ahead for America’s electricians, who now number a record 1.032m. With a 7.4% YoY jolt to earnings in April, US electricians are now earning an average of $37.51 per hour, or $78k per year.

2) The return-to-office shuffle appears to be in full swing, with 600k US workers facing new return mandates last month. As the tech industry comes to grips with the fact that pantslessness and productivity may not actually go hand in hand, the sector accounted for 200k+ workers facing new mandates.

3) Breaking: The Meta morale meter. An internal survey of employees, who are still weathering the aftermath of 21k+ job cuts, found just 26% felt confident in leadership in May, down 5% from October, and 43% said they felt valued, down 15%.

4) With Prime Day expected next month, our thoughts go out to all the wallets and delivery trucks that’ll be working their tuchuses off to satisfy humankind’s insatiable desire for innovative vegetable-chopping gadgets. Last year, Amazon’s 200m+ Prime members bought 300m+ items during the extravaganza.

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