Domino’s ups its delivery game

Keep your address between you and your post office — coincidentally, one of the many places Domino’s will deliver you a pizza.

Domino’s pizza app

There’s a “Seinfeld” episode in which Elaine, dismayed that a restaurant won’t deliver to her apartment, pretends to live in a janitor’s closet across the street.

But Domino’s? It doesn’t even need an address.

Pizza anywhere?

Domino’s new “Pinpoint Delivery” lets customers order pretty much anywhere, as long as they’re within a Domino’s delivery zone and have a spot for a car to pull over.

So maybe not the middle of the Appalachian Trail, but definitely your birthday party in a park.

How it works

Hungry customers:

  • Drop a pin on Google Maps within the Domino’s app to show their location
  • Track orders via text and GPS
  • Meet the driver at the pickup spot within four minutes

Customers must also enter a visual description of themselves (e.g., “I’m wearing red jorts”); additionally, they can activate a “signal” that displays a Domino’s logo on their phone.


… is kind of a delivery innovator.

It launched online and mobile ordering in 2007, adding its “Domino’s Tracker” in 2008. It tested robot delivery, powered by Nuro’s autonomous cars, in 2021, and drone delivery in the UK in 2013, per CNN.

But delivery demand isn’t as high as it was during pandemic lockdowns; it’s also spread across numerous restaurants using myriad apps.

Domino’s CFO Sandeep Reddy said delivery dipped 2.1% in the last quarter, and that what customers crave is convenience, per Insider.

And what could be more convenient than Domino’s rolling up to your campground, huh?

BTW: Some have claimed the Tracker is bogus; Domino’s maintains it’s based on real-time info. Believe whatever makes you happiest.

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