EMAILED ON January 18, 2018 BY Lindsey Quinn

Patrick Doyle turned Domino’s pizza into a tech darling. But now, his work here is done

In the past 8 years, CEO Patrick Doyle has successfully rebranded Domino’s from a “cardboard crust” pizza joint to a cutting-edge tech and logistics pizza company with… a less cardboardy crust.

Case in point: 50% of the employees at their headquarters now work in software analytics.

But as of this June, he’s handing over the reins. Because, according to him, he’s already accomplished the goal he set out for himself when he took over in 2010:

Pushing Domino’s to the screaming, cheesing edge of pizza delivery

Domino’s has pioneered a slew of advanced delivery methods, most recently working with Ford on self-driving pizza delivery cars, which Doyle expects to launch in the next 10 years.

They’ve also made great bets on new technology like natural language processing and rolled out voice ordering apps even before Amazon and Google launched their voice assistants.

And it’s all happened under PD’s lead — Domino’s stock jumped nearly 2000% under his watch (competitors Papa John’s and Pizza Hut Owner Yum! Brands increased 361% and 245%, respectively).

Now Pat’s turning in his pizza paddle

Why, Doyle? Why??

According to him, his job here is done. “There’s a rhythm to these things,” he said mystically in an interview.

“But i’ll always be with you, right here,” he said, touching his successor, President of Domino’s International Richard Allison, on the heart before flying into the stars like Christopher Lloyd in Angels in the Outfield — at least that’s how we’d like to imagine it went down.