Dyson is getting into the electric car game
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Dyson is getting into the electric car game

Yep, the vacuum brand of the future is jumping hose-first into sustainable transportation.

Described as “radical and different” by the company’s founder, Sir James Dyson, the company has invested $2.7B into the initiative: half into the development of the car and the other half into a signature battery — that never loses suction. Kiddinggg…

According to BBC News, the company has been secretly working on the project for the past 2 years and hopes to be on the market by 2020.

Who does this James Dyson character think he is?
Richard Branson, probably. That is to say, he’s British, worth $4.6B, and a “Sir” — which, for those of you keeping score at home, means the founder of a hand drier company was knighted by the Queen.

He’s also the kind of guy who thinks “batteries are quite exciting and sexy things.” Hey, the guy’s living his dream…

It’s possible the father of the bagless vacuum is out of his element
But he’s been working with some people who are very much in said element: in 2012, they invested hundreds of thousands in a Dyson research branch at Newcastle University to investigate next-generation digital motors.

And just 2 years ago, they acquired battery company Sakti3 for $90m to help them develop a smaller, more efficient solid-state battery to replace the industry standard lithium-ion battery.

So what’s so “radical and different” about this new vehicle?
That’s a great question *patting ourselves on the back*.

With details still very under wraps, there were a few points Dyson was able to share: “it is not a sports car, and not a very cheap car,” stressing that these vehicles would not be sold on the mass market.

AKA, we can’t afford it, but it’s probably gonna look sweet.

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