Elysium Health Basis

Elysium Health is on a mission to help you live healthier, for longer. Their flagship product, a supplement called Basis, is the first step to getting there. If a healthier life doesn’t sound like the best gift you can give your parents, you’re heartless.

the story

Here’s a cool piece of trivia: the word Elysium originally comes from Ancient Greek mythology. Elysium was a realm in the afterlife reserved for mortals who were related to the gods.

So, it was a perfect fit for Elysium Health, a company dedicated to prolonging human health — and hopefully, someday, life.

Founded in 2014, Elysium Health is a consumer health pioneer whose mission is to help people live healthier lives for longer. Their product, Basis, is a daily supplement formulated to keep your body’s cells tight and tuned. The science is promising and the potential benefits are too good to pass up.

why we like it

Warning, it’s about to get technical:

Elysium’s flagship product, Basis, works by providing your body’s cells with the raw material they need to create a coenzyme called NAD+ (or nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide for those science-y types).

What’s so special about NAD+?

NAD+ is present in all living things and plays a fundamental role in cellular metabolism, enzyme creation, circadian rhythms — and, frankly, just staying alive. It’s like the star player you’ve never heard of.

Unfortunately, our levels of NAD+ drop as we age, and all those vital functions that keep us healthy start to break down. That’s where Basis steps in: its two key ingredients have been found to increase NAD+ levels by an average of 40% — proven in their first published human trial (check out their peer-reviewed article in Nature Partner Journals: Aging and Mechanisms of Disease).

Basically (get it?), the belief is that by taking a daily supplement with the materials needed for NAD+ synthesis, you can counteract the drop as you age, and… we’ll let you connect the dots.

And with a scientific advisory board backed by world-class scientists, and research partnerships with Harvard, Oxford, and Cambridge, this company means business.

the competition

There are all sorts of supplements out there, but Elysium is bringing hard science to market. As far as NAD+ supplements go, Basis is top dog — and we’re all trying to age like wine, not milk.

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