Brand on the run: Equinox doubles down on the treadmill trend

Equinox just launched a new type of studio called Precision Run that is designed exclusively for treadmill classes.

January 30, 2019

Inspired by the runaway success of its treadmill classes, the luxury fitness brand Equinox launched a whole new type of treadmill studio called ‘Precision Run.’

Like all the rest of Equinox’s offerings, ‘Precision Run’ will be exhausting, extravagant, and expensive. But the treadmill business is on the incline across the board: Fitness brands like Orangetheory and Barry’s Bootcamp are also jumping on the tread train.

Treadmills just got trendy

At Equinox, ‘running’ class is about as far from your experience in middle school phys-ed as you can imagine. 

Equinox joggers run on customized Woodway treadmills to the beat of efficiency-maximizing music under performance-enhancing lights while sipping CBD-infused water and breathing oxygen-enriched air.

After launching as a class in 2014, Precision Run soon became Equinox’s most popular exercise offering. Classes, which cost $36 a pop, last for around 50 minutes and include 30-40 runners. 

The next SoulCycle?

Equinox’s 135 locations sell out of all 500 Precision Run classes per week. 

But, since treadmill classes are the fastest-growing type of exercise class (increasing in popularity by 82% last year, according to ClassPass data), Equinox hopes that standalone studios will bring in more runners — and more dollars.

The first Precision Run studio will open this spring in Manhattan, with a location in LA to follow.

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