This just in: FB commits to journalism

This morning, Facebook revealed some upcoming news features that it’s calling “The Facebook Journalism Project.” They include:

  • Digest packages of Instant Articles that you can subscribe to
  • Free trials for paid subscriptions
  • Tutorials and e-learning courses for journalists on best practices and how to engage and build an audience
  • PSAs to promote news literacy and warn people about fake news

In addition, the ‘Book is also giving away free access to CrowdTangle, a journalism tool it acquired that basically keeps track of the entire socialsphere (most engaging posts, videos about to go viral, etc).

Oh Facebook, you shouldn’t have!

Between the fake news fiasco and constantly changing its algorithm, the social network’s relationship with the journalism industry is on the fritz.

So, whether or not this has the impact they want it to have, it’s at least a concerted effort to mend those wounds.

Plus, Zuck did just hire Campbell Brown, a former TV news anchor, as the company’s first head of news… so they had to do something right?

Thankfully, it looks like Facebook’s finally serious about journalism, and its role as the “well, we’re not a media company, but we kind of are, we just won’t admit” company.

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