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EMAILED ON November 14, 2018 BY Conor Grant

To hang on to eyeballs, Facebook wants to match users with jobs (and partners)

Yesterday, Facebook expanded its growing “Jobs” portal and added new Mentorship and Education tools on its platform. 

To keep its users entertained, The Good ’Book is dressing up in all kinds of costumes. In this week’s episode, FB dons a suit and tie to steal business away from its crotchety network nemesis, LinkedIn.

What’s in Facebook’s briefcase?

Facebook launched a job-posting portal 9 months ago as an experimental tool.

Now, its new features give job-posters more reach by allowing them to post jobs directly in Groups and make it easier for job-seekers to request Mentors in Groups (and access training in “Learn with Facebook”).

But, unlike LinkedIn (which charges a fee to post jobs), Facebook’s platform will be free to users and businesses.

So is Facebook a dating app or a job-finding platform?

The world’s biggest social network is having a midlife crisis. User growth in Facebook’s most profitable market, the US and Canada, has plateaued.

Facebook expanded its dating app to 2 new countries last week and plans to take on industry leaders like Hinge and Tinder. On the jobs front, Facebook will likely look to challenge LinkedIn.

It seems that, since users don’t trust Facebook’s news and they’re no longer interested in posting party pics, the platform wants to reinvent itself with 2 things that people are still interested in: sex and money.

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