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Move over, 4/20. Turns out, screens are the real culprit behind your red, tired eyes

Try Felix Gray

April 20, 2020

You don’t have to partake in the devil’s lettuce to know the pain of bleary eyes and blurry sight.

According to science, it’s actually the screens in your daily routine that are hurting you. 

Yep, phones, tablets, computers, and even TVs are all major sources of blue light — the type of light responsible for headaches, blurry vision, trouble sleeping, and dry, tired eyes that no amount of Visine can help.

Bummer, mannnnn. 

It’s high time you protect your peepers with Felix Gray

Felix Gray’s proprietary filtering technology blocks 15x more blue light than most blue light lenses (which clock in at only 2-3%).

Order a pair now, and you’ll get: Glasses, a hard case, a lens cloth, free shipping and returns, and a 30-day risk-free guarantee.  If Felix Gray doesn’t make screens easier on the eyes, send them back for a full refund.

Talk about smoking the competition…

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