“Red light… green light! Okay, now you’re fired”

A company in Sweden is testing a traffic light system to cut down those pesky office interruptions.

Measuring mouse and keyboard activity, the “FlowLight” turns red when a person is 9% above their average activity, indicating it’s not a great time to gush to Jackie in sales about how much you LOVED Big Little Lies.

And, it seems to be working. In a 449 person trial, subjects dealt with 46% fewer interruptions. Which is good in theory, but…

It could also be used to monitor you

While FlowLight is focused on helping workers be more productive, employee monitoring bots could very well be a part of a future Orwellian workplace.

Think we’re paranoid? Companies like WorkSmart already monitor keystrokes to make sure everyone is “on task.”

Even employee favorites like Slack have acknowledged they have an eye on measuring and monitoring productivity, in the form of “manager bots.” Heck, even now you can already check stats on which employees are Slacking the most.

Want to take a peek? Click on your company’s dropdown menu inside the top left corner of Slack. See that “statistics” tab?

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