This is the easiest gift on the list. Just upload any picture to Framebridge and a week later, you’ll have it framed on your doorstep. Plus, giving a framed photo as a gift will make you look fancier than you really are without costing a ton.

the story

Upload a pic, use Insta, mail something in – whatever – then Framebridge will frame it and send it to you. Easy and affordable.

Framebridge was founded in 2014 and has been everywhere lately. They’re a fan favorite at The Hustle and we’ve used them a ton for decorations around the office.

why we like it

Have you ever tried to actually frame something? It’s a pain in the ass and can cost hundreds of dollars. Hundreds, no joke. This barrier to entry makes framing anything incredibly intimidating.

That’s why why we love Framebridge. It’s affordable and dead simple.

Just find a photo and send it in. There’s dozens of frame styles, matting finishes, and sizes you can choose from, and the best part: it’s all online. It’s the freaking future of framing.

the competition

Shutterfly and Simply Framed two big companies in the space. Shutterfly is not nearly as easy to use as Framebridge, though. Simply Framed is easier than Shutterfly, but the experience still isn’t as straightforward as Framebridge, so we suggest sticking with Framebridge.

Of course, you could always just go to a local framing store…but, let’s be honest, leaving the house to do something isn’t in the cards.

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