Further Hand Soap

A hand soap? Really? Yes, really. The husband and wife team behind Further hit the olfactory jackpot with their products and even source their main ingredient, glycerin, from sustainable sources like used grease from Mario Batali restaurants.

December 1, 2017

the story

Husband and wife team Megan and Marshall Dostal started Further as a side project from a side project. Back before it was fashionable, Marshall outfitted a 1984 Mercedes 300D to run on biodiesel, distilling used grease from restaurants into biofuel.

Problem was, they ended up with drums of glycerin (a byproduct) sitting in their garage with no real purpose. Megan suggested Marshall clean house and, rather than simply throwing it out, Marshall got the idea to turn the glycerin into hand soap.

The two worked together to create a signature fragrance through a mixture of oils which smelled so good the restaurants that supplied the used grease started buying the soap for the enjoyment of their customers.

Like Dr. Pepper’s flavor, it’s a smell that’s hard to describe other than clean and strangely aromatic. Since its conception, Further now offers their smell in hand lotion, dish soap, candles, and bar soap.

why we like it

We were first introduced to Further’s products after a great meal at Pizzeria Delfina (SF folks know what we’re talking about). Someone at the table got up to use the restroom and came back with their fingers up their nose ranting and raving about how good they smelled.

Obviously, we all had to check it out and took turns getting up to wash our hands. Everyone had the same reaction to the point where we asked the entire waitstaff where the soap came from until someone finally had an answer.

The smell is contagious and our office always has a candle on standby in case of stinky situations. It’s a weird emotion to feel this strongly about a hand soap and look forward to giving them a good scrub.

Our mitts have never been cleaner and, if you want to leave a similar impression on others, give Further a test drive.

the competition

Not sure how much detail we need here because, as was discussed in the previous section, it’s a little weird to feel so strongly about soap. There are thousands of options to choose from that will get your hands clean.

But few of them have a story like Further’s and even fewer will leave a lasting impression warranting 300+ words raving about the smell.

Soap is soap, Further is Further.

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