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Win a SaaS Business Valued At Up To $25k From MicroAcquire

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March 6, 2021

Starting a business is hard. That’s why most of us get stuck in the 9-5, buy hundreds of unused domains, while still dreaming of building something big.

Sound familiar? Well, then listen up.

If you’ve ever wanted to be your own boss, we’ve got a huge opportunity for you: We’re partnering with MicroAcquire to giveaway a SaaS business valued at up to $25k.

Plus, we’ll be setting the winner up for success!

  • Andrew Gazdecki, the CEO of MicroAcquire will select the best business in the price range with happy customers and a working product – all acquisition costs will be covered
  • He’ll also be mentoring the winner for a month (He’s a 30 under 30 entrepreneur who’s founded and sold two SaaS companies)
  • The winner (and their new company) will be announced in the daily for all 1.5+ million subscribers to see

Interested? Then read on, loyal reader…

How To Enter

You must be a current subscriber of The Hustle Daily email newsletter.

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Scroll to the bottom of any Daily email newsletter to copy and share your referral link.

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Share your referral link on Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, TikTok, LinkedIn, or, shoot, rent a billboard with your face on it.

How To Win

Here’s the deal… There’s hundreds of companies for sale on MicroAcquire with great products and recurring revenue – but many lack the sales/marketing efforts they need to scale. 

That’s where you come in: Show us your marketing chops by sharing your personal referral link and we’ll select the Hustler with the most referrals to win the business!

The ambassador with the most referrals between Monday 3/8, 8:30 AM PT and Friday 4/2, 11:59 PM PT will win.

Only new (real, human) readers count. No ads or any form of buying referrals is allowed. 

The winner will be contacted after April 2nd, 2021.

Questions? Email

Ideas to 10X or 100X your referrals

Classic move…

Forward the most recent Daily newsletter to your contacts. Be specific. Tell them why it’s useful and include your referral link. (Bonus: include their first name in the Subject Line to increase the open rate.)

Pro move…

Have thousands or millions of website visitors? Update the 404 page to include your referral link. While you’re at it, set up a popup modal with your referral link.

Talk about Growth Hacking…

Use email autoresponders to invite anyone who emails you to sign up for The Hustle with your personal referral link. Include a few links to your favorite stories.

Wassup, Ryan Hoover…

Launch that startup you’ve been talking about on Product Hunt and include your referral link. If you already have a product, just update your product page.

Look at the flicka da wrist…

Insert your referral link into any Microsoft, Google or Apple calendar events. While you’re at it, add it to your Calendly bio. It only takes 3 clicks to update and save.

Go direct to consumer on ’em…

Own a DTC brand? Add your referral link to the bottom of every shopping cart abandonment email.

Just a cast away…

Write an endearing message (with your referral link) on a small piece of paper, roll it up, place in a bottle, send it out on a body of water, preferably a lake to reduce the surface level.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why a SaaS business?

A few reasons: SaaS is lucrative as hell. A lean, agile SaaS business runs at 70%+ profit and typically has very low overhead.

SaaS is also one of the easiest businesses to run, grow, and flip. Making them great for beginners.

For more details, check out this guide from MicroAcquire.

What are the costs to run the business going to look like? (outside of acquisition costs, which will be covered)

This depends on the company we buy. We plan on buying a profitable one, so operational costs could be less than revenue coming in. And at this size, operational cost could be very low.

Do I have to pay employees?

No, SaaS startups at this size are usually products without employees or even attention from the founders. 

Will the business make any money?

Yes, we’ll be looking for something with product-market fit. For $25,000, we could find a small startup with ~$10-15k in ARR (ARR 2x).

How much of my time is this going to take to run?

As much or as little as you want to spend. Working on it as a side project is totally doable.

There’s a lot of “hands off” SaaS companies in this price range. For example, Andrew Gazdecki acquired ChimpCharge, and grew it from $5k to $70k ARR.

Do I need to be technical to run this business?

No, we’re looking to acquire a “hands off” SaaS business that has a working product, happy customers, and MRR.

But, if you do need changes to the product it’s easy to contact the original developer and pay for their time.

Is there a leaderboard?

Yes, we will be posting the leaderboard daily in our Hustle Ambassadors Facebook group the last week of the giveaway.

Alright, that’s all we’ve got.

We can’t wait to give away the biz and help you grow it! Now go and refer it!


NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Legal residents of the United States or D.C. 21 years and older. Ends 4/2/21. To enter and for Official Rules, visit Void where prohibited.

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