How to Make $50 in the Next Hour

Sign up for our Trends referral program and get $50 for each person who signs up for Trends. EASY!

August 6, 2019

Dear readers,

Want to earn an easy $50? Of course you do!

We’ve just launched a referral program for our premium publication, Trends.

We have thousands of subscribers for Trends and many of them asked for a way to earn some cash for referring their friends. And, because we’re a brand for the people, we made it happen. So there ya go.

Here’s how it works

  1. This works for paying Trends subscribers only.
  2. Once you’re logged into, go to
  3. You’ll see your unique URL. Share it!
  4. When friends become full paying members to Trends, we’ll give you $50.
  5. You’ll be alerted when you get your first referral. At the point, we’ll email you about payment details.

Share your link on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, or link to it from blog.

And don’t forget: if you’re promoting your link in a spammy or misleading way, we reserve the right to cancel your link at any point and you will not earn your $50. So…don’t be spammy!

Go to to get your unique URL to share. You must be logged into to see this.

Have fun. Earn cash. And if you have any questions about this, shoot us an email: [email protected]

Talk soon!

PS: want a free t-shirt, sticker, and other goodies? We have a referral program for The Hustle as well! Details here:

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