Hustle Hack: Use this letter to get a standing desk

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We created this template with Fully to help you get the WFH setup your body deserves. Just pick the most relevant choice in bold, forward to your boss, and let our crisp, convincing copy do the rest. 

Mrs./Mr. Boss’s Name,

First off, thank you so much for the support that you and Company Name have offered during these turbulent times. 

Despite the difficult work conditions including My desk being 4 textbooks stacked on top of each other/ My chair having uneven legs causing my shoulders to be permanently lopsided/ My home office doubling as the master bathroom, I have still managed to accomplish the following:

  • Navigate a global pandemic while summoning a smile on all Zoom meetings
  • Being as — if not more — productive as I was in the office, despite the lack of Free snacks/ Even an inkling of personal space/ Morale, sanity, and hope for the future
  • Done all this while raising One/ Two/ Three/ Three-Plus Children/ Dog/ Spider I found on my balcony and am proud to announce they are now reading at a 2nd grade/ 3rd grade/ Doggy daycare level. 

Am I requesting a raise? No (unless you’re offering, in which case absolutely). 

But I would like you and the company to explore setting up a WFH Stipend Program with Fully, so that my coworkers and I can get the kind of quality furniture and accessories that will allow us to perform our best from home.

Thanks for understanding, and I look forward to seeing you in the break room again some day.

Your dedicated employee/ loyal friend/ spiritual advisor,

– Your Name

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