Introducing Personalized Snippets

The news Snippets you know and love just got personal 🙌

It’s been 5 years since the first edition of the Hustle graced inboxes. In 5 years, we’ve grown to 1.6m readers, got acquired by Papa Hubs, and once ate a 6ft. Sandwich (never forget).

Today, we’re announcing a new development in our journey to help builders and professionals (like you) conquer the world. We call it Personalized Snippets and it’s the start of something very big.

Cool, what is it?

Snippets is one of the most loved sections of our newsletter, giving readers quick hits of news from around the web. 

Starting today, we’re letting readers personalize the Snippets they receive.

Readers can choose from 8 topics including: Clean Energy, Emerging Tech, Fintech & Cryptocurrency, and more. 

We plan on rolling out more topics in the coming weeks.

Your Snippet topics

How do I choose my topics?

For current subs (like you), it’s as easy as:

1. Go to the latest edition of The Hustle in your inbox.

It should look like one of these…

2. Scroll to the Snippets section.

Lovely, lovely Snippets.

3. Click the “Personalize Your Snippets” button.


Yep, that’s the one.

4. Select the topics that interest you. (More are coming!)

This page is special to you and only you!

Choose from our 8 topics and then save with the “Update Email Preferences” button. Boom! You’re done.

Feel free to follow these instructions to go back and change your preferences at any time. 

Once you’ve set them, kick back and wait for your next edition of The Hustle. Under Snippets, you’ll see your personalized Snippets show up (HINT: It’ll look like this 👇)

Is this the part where you tell me, “Oh, and one more thing?”

Sure is. 

Personalized Snippets is the first step in making The Hustle your one-stop for the news and insights you need to tackle your day. 

We plan on offering more personalized news, tools, and insights in the coming months. 

It’s going to be BIG. We couldn’t be more excited to have you along for the ride!

Now, get to it. Set your preferences and let the Snippets roll.

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