Introducing The Hustle’s first-ever podcast: My First Million

Get the gritty details on how Silicon Valley's most prolific founders made their first million.

June 26, 2019


You asked for it, and now, you’ve got it.

My First Million is a new podcast from host and serial entrepreneur Shaan Puri that explores the journeys of business leaders as they went from (you guessed it) $0 to $1,000,000.

Join Shaan as he talks to millionaires to understand exactly how they struck it rich, sparing no details in the process. Hear interviews spanning from tech company founders to real estate moguls, all the way to people who’ve minted millions from bitcoin, gambling, and other offbeat side hustles.

You can find My First Million on the podcast dealer of your choice (Spotify and Apple). Or stream the latest episode below:




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