Jabra Elite Headphones
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Jabra Elite Headphones

Wireless, waterproof earbuds with a heart rate monitor? Only Jabra, brah. A perfect gift for the fitness nut in your life who’s not an Apple fanboy.

the story

Jabra has been kicking around since the early 1980’s. In the last decade, the company was acquired by the massive Danish conglomerate GN Group and after a couple restructures, the Jabra you see today was formed.

Known for their pioneering work in noise cancellation and mobile headsets, Jabra has some stout credentials under its belt. More recently, its consumer headphones have been getting decent attention for their durability, quality, and features.

why we like it

The Jabra Elite sport headphones are exactly that, elite.

First off, these “buddies” are waterproof and sweatproof which, if you’ve ever ran in Texas heat, that’s a big deal.

The buds themselves are a tad large, but Jabra does a nice job at giving you a ton of different foam tips and ear fittings to help you find the perfect fit. Once in, they are super secure making them great for high impact activities. However, if you have really small ears you may have a tough time with them.

They play well with many of the most popular running apps and the heart rate monitor does actually work.

At three hours, the battery life is something to be desired. But for working out, it gets the job done. Plus, the charging case that’s included extends the life another 6 hours.

Bottomline: the Jabra Elites are a great set of truly wireless headphones for anyone with an active lifestyle or wants to wear headphones while they run.

the competition

The likely comparison you could make is with the Apple AirPods. Those are fantastic. We’ve even reviewed them we liked them so much. But they are not necessarily the best for working out — they bounce out and sweat is their mortal enemy.

If you’re looking for a pair of truly wireless headphones for running, boxing, and whatever fitness activity you need to bump tunes to, the Jabra Elite are a great choice.

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