Finding the right job is the most important decision of your career
We curate thousands of data points and give you industry opinions on tech’s best companies so you can find your dream job faster than ever.
Most people are passive job seekers.
Finding the right job requires hours of scouring the web to find interesting companies, getting introductions to recruiters, and researching what it’s like to work there. This process is intimidating, and time consuming.
Yet, finding the right job can change your life.
There might be a company out there that you’ve never heard of that tickles your fancy. But if you don’t know about it, you’ll never apply. And landing your dream job may be the best way to advance your career.
But, searching for a new job is overwhelming and complicated.
This is why most people who passively look for a new job never find one. They aren’t on top of all the new companies, numbers, positions, and research. And they are holding themselves back from living the life they want. Let us take this overwhelming and complicated burden off your plate.
Let Hustle Jobs do the work for you.
Two times a week, our team of researchers and journalists sends you a shortlist of companies you should know about and how you should apply — like your smart friend who will shoot you straight… and knows what they’re talking about.

How do we do it?

We curate companies and jobs.

Just like our daily email newsletter curates and editorializes the daily news you need to know, Hustle Jobs takes an overwhelming volume of available jobs, data, and industry knowledge and curates them into a simple, biweekly email.

Using industry data, news headlines, insider insights, and investigative journalism, we analyze which companies fit our users best and use plain English to explain why we think the companies are worth looking at.

Each company profile comes with our opinion on who’s right for the company, why these companies are worth your while, and the best way to apply and land an interview.

Not just more job listings…

There are dozens of sites if you want to see a comprehensive, but overwhelming, list of tech job openings. But we’ve decided to make the process simpler.

Our goal isn’t to help you apply to 100’s of companies, but let you discovery new companies you hadn’t heard of or give a different perspective on old companies you wrote off.

More job listings aren’t the answer.

Instead, we use a team of insiders to tell what it’s really like to work at a company, why you should-or-should-not apply, and how it can help advance your career.

Our team of researchers and journalists do the work for you.

The Hustle relies on a strong editorial team that categorizes the daily tech news for nearly 1 million people. We’re applying those same methods to the job search — and the results are spectacular.

People discover companies they’ve never heard of and find positions they didn’t think were available thanks to Hustle Jobs.


Is it really hard to cancel my monthly subscription?

It’s super easy. There’s a button you can click anytime and we’ll stop billing you. We don’t want money if you’re not getting tons of value.

Do you tell people I’ve signed up for this?

Hell no. This is 100% private between us. So if you’re currently employed but “just looking” your secret is safe with us.

When can I expect these emails to come?

We send them out twice per week.

Why is this different than other job sites?

More isn’t always better. Other job sites focus on sending you huge volume of jobs, like, thousands of them. This can be overwhelming and cause paralysis analysis. We start by profiling individual companies first, and then you can see if they have jobs available in your area of expertise or interests.

So basically I’m paying you to act like my own personal spy?

That’s right. We aren’t just spying for good jobs for you, but also giving you the lowdown on companies. This means you have an investigative team of job hunters living in the heart of tech giving you pointers, tips, and sometimes even literal scripts to use when applying to certain jobs.

What is Jobs by The Hustle in one paragraph?

We’ll be your eyes and ears for high-paying tech jobs. The secret sauce is we dive deep into researching companies for you based on our HustleRank™ system and insider info we hear from Silicon Valley. Twice a week we send you a list of job listings and company reports you won’t find anywhere else. Yes, it’s a good deal. Yes, you should sign up.
Get all this when you sign up for Hustle Jobs:
Access to our database of recruiters’ contact information
Never start a job application with “To Whom It May Concern” again.

We do deep research into finding names, phone numbers, LinkedIn profiles, and email addresses of recruiters and others in charge of hiring at companies so you know who to follow up with after applying.

Get a headstart on the data we find, before it goes public
We give you early access to the companies we find anywhere from a 1 week to 4 weeks in advance of publishing our profiles. You’ll have a first-mover-advantage for landing an interview.
2 weekly emails with Hustle Jobs company profiles
Whenever we come across a great company to work for, we make a full profile of it and send it out to you in an exclusive Hustle Jobs email.

You will be the first to get these profiles, so you can get a headstart on the recruiting process.

You can see previous samples of the emails here:

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