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Coinbase Jobs

The problem isn’t finding the right job, it’s finding the right company

Coinbase was born back in 2012 when the general public thought Bitcoin was a complete joke and the $10 price point was completely ludacris. Now they’re growing crazy fast as one of the largest holders of Bitcoin on the planet with the goal of doing to cryptocurrency what PayPal did to digital payments — make it easy and universal.

As interest in Bitcoin started to rise in late 2013, famous venture firm Andreessen Horowitz bought into the craze and put $25m into Coinbase, which many people thought was a silly move as Bitcoin was in a “bubble” with high bursting potential.

However, they understood that the sheer number of engineers and developers using it couldn’t be wrong and were quoted as saying,

“The press tends to portray bitcoin as either a speculative bubble or a scheme for supporting criminal activity. In Silicon Valley, by contrast, bitcoin is generally viewed as a profound technological breakthrough.”

— Andreessen Horowitz, December 18, 2013

The CEO of Coinbase is smartypants computer whiz Brian Armstrong, who has a Masters in Computer Science from Rice University.

Because of the nature of their work, Coinbase is an extremely engineering-heavy company, and most of their openings are engineering focused.

But despite the skepticism around cryptocurrency, Coinbase sure has been able to monetize many of the major players by being the dominant exchange in the world.


The name recognition and exposure to the most cutting-edge technology and happenings in the cryptocurrency world.

Also, they have some rather unique perks including:

  • The option of getting paid in Bitcoin
  • Work whenever you work best (flexible hours)
  • Flexible vacation
  • 12 weeks maternity/paternity leave
  • 7 year post termination option exercise window (for employees who stay 2 years or more) vs. the industry standard 90 days
  • 100% coverage of medical/vision/dental benefits
  • Commuter benefits (up to $255/month)


There are A LOT of people trying to work at Coinbase so the standards are relatively high. They even have a coding test to take before you can even apply for their technical positions.

Coinbase is also growing at an incredible rate and has lots of security concerns as they are the largest holder of Bitcoin on the planet. While this also means lots of opportunities, it also means you can expect a fast-changing environment.

Who’s it for:

Someone who wants to work on the forefront of the cryptocurrency space, in a startup-like company with tons of revenue and funding, and the most recognizable name in the industry.

Elevator pitch to your uncle:

“Hey Uncle Sam! I work at Coinbase now. I know you’ve heard of that digital currency called Bitcoin by now, well Coinbase is like the largest bank for Bitcoin in the world. You can buy/sell Bitcoin as well as other cryptocurrencies on it and, in just a few years, Coinbase grew to one of the top 1,000 sites on the internet. As cryptocurrencies becomes more important to the world, Coinbase will be there to help people transact.”

Non-Technical Jobs at Coinbase:

Position: Location:
Director of Workplace Operations San Francisco, CA
Head of HR Operations San Francisco, CA
Office Manager – Chicago Chicago, IL
Office Manager – New York New York, NY
Office Manager – Portland Portland, OR
People Operations Generalist San Francisco, CA

Technical Jobs at Coinbase:

Position: Location:
Senior Backend Engineer – Consumer San Francisco, CA
Senior Backend Engineer – Payments London, UK
Senior Frontend Engineer – Identity San Francisco, CA
Senior Engineer – Protocol San Francisco, CA
Senior Software Engineer – Android San Francisco, CA
Senior Software Engineer – iOS San Francisco, CA
Full Jobs listing page →

More Info:

Apply: Coinbase careers page

Location: San Francisco, CA

Coinbase Recruiter Names:

Salaries: Glassdoor

Team: About Page

Phone: 888-908-7930

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