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The problem isn’t finding the right job, it’s finding the right company

Ok… you already know about Eventbrite, the company that accepts booking and tickets for almost every meetup you go to.

But did you know they are growing really fast, have $332m in funding, and are hiring like crazy?

If you like events, parties, and a company that doesn’t take themselves too seriously, then Eventbrite might be the perfect place for you.

In the early 2000’s, selling tickets to an event online was a super manual process usually involving a PayPal button and your own spreadsheet to manage users.

Julia Hartz and Kevin Hartz (yes, they’re married) figured out a better way to do this with their company Eventbrite. Julia, the CEO, was even awarded one of Fortune Magazine’s most powerful women entrepreneurs.


Eventbrite is in that “sweet spot” between too big and too small. It’s a well-established company with around 650 employees (or “Britelings” as they call them), right in the heart of San Francisco, and their name recognition is really high (almost everyone you know probably has bought a ticket off Eventbrite at some point).

The other thing we like about the opportunity to work at Eventbrite is the exposure to events. Just by the nature of the company, you’ll be hearing about cool events all the time (…and can totally use your status at Eventbrite to sneak in).


There isn’t a ton of downside as far as we could find. Eventbrite is past its grungy startup stage, but hasn’t entered the realm of giant corporation either, and the company culture set by the CEO is very lighthearted (you can read their blog to judge for yourself).

Who’s it for:

Someone who wants to work at a company that isn’t too big, but isn’t too small, and loves events and people.

Elevator pitch to your aunt:

“Hey Aunt May! I work for Eventbrite now. It’s usually a huge pain in the butt to sell tickets to a live event like a concert or conference, so we let anyone easily track who’s coming to their event, accept the payments, and let people print their tickets at home, or just use their phone to show the ticket. It’s all on the web.”

Non-Technical Jobs at Eventbrite:

Position: Location:
Accounting Manager San Francisco, CA
Business Development Manager London, UK
Customer Experience Representative Nashville, TN
Technical Support Associate Nashville, TN
Head of Copywriting San Francisco, CA

Technical Jobs at Eventbrite:

Position: Location:
Engineering Manager San Francisco, CA
Senior Software Engineer, R&D San Francisco, CA
Software Engineer – Back End Nashville, TN
Senior Front End Engineer San Francisco, CA
Front End Engineer San Francisco, CA
Full Jobs listing page →

More Info:

Apply: Eventbrite Careers

Location: San Francisco, CA

Eventbrite Recruiter Names:

Salaries: Glassdoor

Team: About Page

Phone: 855-326-9945

Email: Hiring Contact Page

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