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The problem isn’t finding the right job, it’s finding the right company

Labeled as “The freight forwarder for the internet age” Flexport is a fast growing company with a boat-load of hype from large-scale investors (even though the public barely knows about it).

Know how when you order a package you can lookup the UPS number to track exactly where it is?

Well, companies shipping large amounts of product (let’s say 3 shipping containers of shirts from China) don’t get a tracking number, and it’s super hard to see where their millions of dollars of merchandise is floating in the ocean.

Flexport solves that by making tracking software that spans the entire shipping industry, paired with good ol’ fashion customer service reps.

They also help companies find a way to ship large amounts of merchandise anywhere in the world, which is actually a hard problem when you have shipments larger than what UPS or FedEx can handle.

Because of this, Flexport is getting massive attention from big name investors:

  • Y Combinator
  • The Winklevoss Twins (Tyler and Cameron)
  • Google Ventures
  • Founders Fund
  • Bloomberg
  • … and many more.

For a relatively unknown company, Flexport is riding one monster of a VC money wave. Check out the progression of their funding rounds:

  • Seed: $6,900,000 (May 2015) (Nice!)
  • Series A: $20,000,000 (Aug 2015) (Oh cool.)
  • Series B: $65,000,000 (Sept 2016) (Whoa…)
  • Series C: $110,000,000 (Oct 2017) (Holy Moly!)

Legendary investor Paul Graham even said, “Flexport is one of that small handful of startups that are going to change the world.”

What he means is they are going after the trillion dollar market of worldwide shipping which is currently very fragmented and “pieced together.” Flexport wants to streamline, track, and integrate the whole thing. Meaning, ‘gigantic logistics juggernaut’ status may not be a far off future.


Flexport is moving fast but still nimble with only 300-ish people. Professional management and a proven founder who previously started another similar, successful company. Flexport is extremely well funded and earning revenue, which means you wouldn’t be hitting they keyboard in some dingy coworking space. There are a ton of high-quality investors and lots of interest from people who know what they’re talking about. Plus, they’re headquartered in the SOMA neighborhood of San Francisco which has some good juju these days.


Your friends probably won’t know who “Flexport” is from the name or understand why they should be impressed. Another possible issue is scope as some people might not be stoked to deal with “shipping logistics” on a day to day basis, despite it being one of the largest industries on the planet.

Who’s it for:

Someone who wants the feel of a fast-moving startup, but not the risk — Flexport is already extremely well funded and has about 300 – 400 people. Safe to say they’ll be around for awhile.

Elevator pitch to your uncle:

“Hey Uncle Mookie! I work for Flexport which tracks giant shipments. When a company wants to send a shipping container across the world, they literally have no idea where it is in the process. Flexport makes software that tracks exactly where the shipment is and knows how long it will take to arrive. It’s kind of like a UPS tracking number, except for massive shipments.”

Non-Technical Jobs at Flexport:

Flexport actually has a pretty great hiring page sorted by location and type of job (Engineering, Business Operations, Finance etc…). You can check it out here.

They have a solid number of jobs open and are actively hiring in San Francisco, Shenzhen, Los Angeles, Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong, Atlanta, and Chicago.

Position: Location:
Product Marketing Manager San Francisco, CA
Customs Compliance Specialist San Francisco, CA
Global Account Executive Los Angeles, CA
Global Account Executive New York, NY
Sales Development Representative New York, NY

Technical Jobs at Flexport:

Position: Location:
Software Engineer San Francisco, CA
Data Scientist San Francisco, CA
React Native Engineer San Francisco, CA
Data Engineer San Francisco, CA
Solutions Manager San Francisco, CA
Full Jobs listing page →

More Info:

Apply: Flexport Careers

Location: San Francisco, CA

Flexport Recruiter Names:

Phone: 855-353-9123

Email: [email protected]

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