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The problem isn’t finding the right job, it’s finding the right company

The former founder of Klout started Joymode in 2015 with the expectation of renting you EVERYTHING you need for a specific occasion.

Want to throw a cool picnic in the park? They’ll rent you:

  • Lounge chairs & blankets
  • Movie projector & screen
  • Popcorn machine
  • Speakers

… they also do this for tons of other events like kayaking trips, camping trips, virtual reality demos, and karaoke nights.

This means you can rent all this stuff just when you need it, and return it when you’re done (they also deliver it to your door AND pick it up which is kinda cool).


Super small team working on a company based on “joy” and “happiness” — so let’s call it a non-traditional working environment. Since the team is still really small (around 15 people) there’s plenty of opportunity for growth.


Like any super young and small startup, there’s a risk that the company could just go away before reaching a super profitable state. It seems Joymode is still not mature enough or reached enough product market fit to take off to the moon yet. So, while this would definitely be an interesting place to work with a very unique product, it ranks low on the stability factor.

Who’s it for:

Someone who wants to live in L.A. and work on a non-traditional product with a small and scrappy team.

Elevator pitch to your uncle:

“Hey Uncle Mike! I work for Joymode in Los Angeles. We rent people all the equipment they need for special events. So if someone wants to go camping over the weekend, we’ll deliver all the tents, cooking equipment, and hiking equipment they need, and then pick it all up when they’re done. It’s a small and scrappy company that’s trying to put people in ‘Joy Mode!’”

Non-Technical Jobs at Joymode:

Position: Location:
Associate Producer Los Angeles, CA
Content Lead Los Angeles, CA
Visual Designer Los Angeles, CA
Merchandise Buyer Los Angeles, CA
Merchandise Planner Los Angeles, CA

Technical Jobs at Joymode:

Position: Location:
Data Scientist Los Angeles, CA
Full-Stack Software Engineer Los Angeles, CA
Full Jobs listing page →

More Info:

Apply: Joymode Careers

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Joymode Recruiter Names:

Team: About Page

Phone: 424-272-8808

Email: [email protected]

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