Pivotal Jobs

May 15, 2018

The problem isn’t finding the right job, it’s finding the right company

Pivotal is a software engineering firm founded by former VMware chief Paul Maritz. This company is the hot, new popular kid of enterprise data, as they work with 30% of Fortune 100 companies already.

Basically, they make software that helps make software.

So if a company like General Electric wants to build an interactive enterprise-grade suggestion box, they use Pivotal software to manage that process.

While you may not have heard of Pivotal, they are getting massive with past investments from:

  • GE
  • GV Capital
  • Ford
  • VMware
  • EMC
  • Microsoft

Oh yeah, and they went public last month after making $509m in revenue last year (NYSE: PVTL).

Started in 2013, Pivotal is rocketing upwards because it is literally the only software in the enterprise world that can run on every major crowd platform.

Needless to say, they are pretty cash-flush these days so Pivotal takes good care of employees with lots of cool benefits and a high likelihood of a decent work/life balance.


This is a big stable company with 2,000+ employees and routine 9-to-5 operating hours. Pay is above average for most positions. They also have offices all over the world, with regional headquarters in San Francisco, New York, and London.


In the enterprise world Pivotal will have some name recognition, but to a kid on the street Pivotal may as well be a wrestling move. This is also a company that primarily deals with large enterprises, so if you’re not into the corporate lifestyle, this might not be a pinfall (that’s a wrestling reference).

Who’s it for:

Pivotal is perfect for someone who doesn’t want the crazy work schedule or uncertainty that comes with a brand new startup. It’s a good fit for someone prioritizing stability and long-term growth over a high risk, high reward venture. Plus, Pivotal prides themselves on work-and-life balance, so yes, you can pick up the kids from soccer practice.

Elevator pitch to your aunt:

“Hey Aunt Cynthia! I work for Pivotal which makes software for 30% of all the Fortune 100 companies in the world. If a giant company needs to make a piece of software, they’ll have 100’s of engineers on the job and they use our software to manage that whole process. Please pass the green beans.”

Non-Technical Jobs at Pivotal:

Position: Location:
UX Designer Cambridge, MA
UX Designer Dallas, TX
Executive Assistant San Francisco, CA
Account Executive San Francisco, CA
Account Executive Paris, FR

Technical Jobs at Pivotal:

Position: Location:
Sr. Java Platform Architect San Francisco, CA
Head of R&D San Francisco, CA
Business Systems Analyst San Francisco, CA
.NET Solutions Architect Paris, FR
PCF Technical Instructor San Francisco, CA
Full Jobs listing page →

More Info:

Apply: Pivotal Careers

Location: San Francisco, CA

Phone: 834-343-4524

Email: https://pivotal.io/careers/openings

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