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May 17, 2018

The problem isn’t finding the right job, it’s finding the right company

“I’ve never heard of YouTube.”

— No one ever

That’s one of the main reasons we love YouTube as a place of work. From the people we’ve met that work at YouTube, the name recognition is one of the most obvious perks — often followed by a barrage of questions because everyone has an opinion.

YouTube was started in 2005 as one of the first easy ways to post videos online. It grew so popular that Google even tried to compete with them before hitting the pause button and buying YouTube in 2006 for $1.65B.

At the time, everyone thought it was a dumb idea (including Mark Cuban who repeatedly bashed the deal on his blog) since much of YouTube’s content was copyrighted material like episodes of The Simpsons or clips from movies.

But things have changed. Today 2 out of 3 videos watched online is hosted on YouTube and they’ve successfully changed how media is consumed.

YouTube only has about 1,800 employees which is surprisingly low. That’s because their massive bandwidth and tech requirements are fulfilled by big brother Google, meaning YouTube gets to operate as a younger, quirkier, more entertainment-driven company.

With new custom content, an increase in ads, and paid subscriptions like YouTube Red, we like where this is going and think it’s a pretty sweet place to work.


Very creative environment that’s on the intersection between super high tech and entertainment. YouTube is a division of Alphabet (AKA Google) that operates kind of on it’s own away from the big dogs. Multiple locations to work from around the world. Pretty much EVERYONE has heard of YouTube, so the name recognition is high as can be.


As YouTube is now a mature company (that’s part of Google which is an even more mature company) the upward mobility is not super promising. While YouTube provides a great work environment, it’s not for someone looking for the fast-paced lifestyle of a grungy startup.

Who’s it for:

Someone looking to put a real “brand name” on their resumé that loves to work in between tech and entertainment.

Elevator pitch to your uncle:

“Hey Uncle Mark! I work for YouTube now… the same YouTube you watch your political debates and cat videos on. In fact we’re so big, more people watch videos on YouTube everyday than any other broadcast and cable network! It’s also the world’s 2nd largest search engine (1st is Google, which owns YouTube), and 2/3rds of all online video are watched on YouTube. It’s neat. We even get to hang out with celebrities sometimes.”

Non-Technical Jobs at YouTube:

Position: Location:
Product Marketing Manager, Trust and Safety San Bruno, CA
Copyright Operations Specialist San Bruno, CA
Policy Enforcement Manager Dublin, IRL
Community Manager (Japanese) London, UK
Interaction Designer San Bruno, CA

Technical Jobs at YouTube:

Position: Location:
Software Engineer San Bruno, CA
Software Engineer, Virtual Reality San Bruno, CA
Technical Lead San Bruno, CA
Software Engineer, YouTube Machine Learning San Bruno, CA
Software Engineer, YouTube Trust and Safety Mountain View, CA
Full Jobs listing page →

More Info:

Apply: YouTube Careers

Location: San Bruno, CA

YouTube Recruiter Names:

Salaries: Glassdoor

Team: About Page

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