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🥾 Outdoor profits take a hike

Plus: Congrats, your wedding’s gonna bankrupt you, the cutest yoga expert around, and more.View Online Weekend plans: not sailing the Strait of Gibraltar, where orcas are biting rudders off of boats. Killer whales have capsized three ships since May 2020, baffling scientists, but not us: Franchise-happy Hollywood has released 30 Marvel movies since the last Free Willy film. We hear…

🍄 Buried in mushrooms, literally

Plus: How vending machines make money, houseplants that make us happy, and more.View Online A man in Kentucky allegedly shot his roommate in the buttocks last week. The roommate’s crime? Eating the last Hot Pocket in the house. The actual crime? Assault, with bond set at $7.5k. Or, in the only currency that truly matters here, ~5.5k Hot Pockets.    …

👢 Taylor Swift wore boots, so now you do, too

Plus: The ref who traded med school for the NBA, a lonely whale, a cute bunny game, and more.View Online You like seeing certain animals at the zoo, but do they like seeing you? A UK study found parrots and elephants seem to enjoy visitors the most. Among those not so enthused by humans: frogs, ostriches, rhinos, hippos, kangaroos, and…

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