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📱 ← This is not a dinner menu

Plus: What to catch up on this weekend, geography trivia, so long to “Succession,” and more.View Online A new study estimates a gobsmacking 1.7B Tyrannosaurus rexes once roamed the Earth. If they were still around today, the T. rex nation would be the most populous — and most frightening — nation in the world, though we still like our odds…

🤬 Can’t spell traffic without two f-bombs

Plus: The Korean restaurant wave, a blue couch controversy, the history of red velvet cake, and more.View Online Royal gossip isn’t our thing, but maybe it should be? King Charles didn’t know about the existence of plastic wrap until recently and allegedly “shrieked” when he first saw it covering food. Meanwhile, 9-year-old heir Prince George is apparently big into AC/DC…

💬 The dead have entered the chat

Plus: Long live the pager, tracking sharks, a mini-golf game, and more.View Online A diver discovered a shipwreck off the coast of Israel complete with “majestic” centuries-old marble artifacts. The swimmer who made the discovery got to keep the greatest treasure of all: a certificate of appreciation “for good citizenship.” In today’s email: Singularity: When machines get smart Pagers are…

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