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💣 Will a star-studded franchise bomb?

Plus: Weekend reads, a viral public transit dancer, a book blurb deep dive, and more.View Online Today’s your last chance to bid on actress Lena Dunham painting a mural on your wall. The “winner” is expected to give Dunham a subject and, apparently, some coffee — then the “Girls” star will unleash her “uncontrollable urge to paint flowering vines up any door…

👶 $10k for a trendy baby name? Nah

Plus: Behind the email business, the many disasters of Dollar General, a salary database, and more. View Online Dutch carrier Corendon Airlines is adding an adults-only zone to one Caribbean route this fall. The 16+ section will be separated from dastardly loud children by a curtain, a move the airline says will also benefit families (i.e., less worrying about kids…

🪑 Furniture has deep-seated problems

Plus: Insuring Hollywood’s biggest stunts, an artist tries to pull a fast one, a Spotify hack, and more. View Online You’ve been waiting all year for this: The National Mango Board named its Retailer of the Year — Mid-Atlantic grocer Weis Markets, which “demonstrated leadership in mango promotion.” Cool. Honestly, we’re just glad they didn’t go back to 2020’s cop-out winner:…

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