As lawsuits continue, Juul takes another huge hit of funding to expand abroad

As Juul fights lawsuits in the US, it is expanding its advertising efforts across the rest of the globe.


On Monday, the controversial e-cig giant was smacked with a fresh round of lawsuits for using deceptive advertising. 

Then, on Tuesday, Juul raised another funding round of $325m. 

Juul blew a lot of smoke in the US

This latest lawsuit, sparked on Monday by a 19 year old e-smoker who claims Juul ads misled him (and other kids), is one of several ongoing US Juul-suits.

Unlike cigarettes, which are strictly controlled, Juuls are regulated by inconsistent rules. The Surgeon General declared vaping among teens an “epidemic,” but Juul ads — unlike cigarette ads — are still allowed on TV.

Juul rose to popularity in the US thanks to its aggressive, social media-based advertising strategy…

And now Juul is taking its much-maligned marketing strategy global

Juul removed its ads from social media in response to critics — but not before hitting a valuation of $38B (and potentially causing 94 cases of severe lung disease).

Now, as it fights its US lawsuits, Juul is increasing its marketing efforts in Europe. It also recently launched its products in South Korea, the Philippines, and Indonesia.

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