If you’re looking for a game to play with your friends that is a mix between corn hole and frisbee golf, then look no more -- KanJam has you covered. It’s outside, it’s easy, and it’s a blast. But careful, people take KanJam seriously.

the story

Started in 2006, this American-made novelty game mashup took college campuses by storm allowing people to get their fix of frisbee golf, corn hole, and horseshoes all at once — and the best part, they could get wasted while doing it.

Since the early days, this company has switched their marketing toward all ages, and it has completely blown up — there’s even KanJam world champions!

why we like it

This is a simple, easy, and active way to have fun with friends. The game is played with teams of two, and it’s the perfect excuse to turn off the TV, get outdoors, and get into the competitive spirit — don’t believe us? It’s endorsed by NFL superstar Rob Gronkowski!

Better yet, KanJam has grown so much, that, aside from the original KanJam set, they’ve created many other KanJam products to help their dedicated following play almost anywhere — from outside, to the swimming pool, or your college dorm room.

the competition

Believe it or not, there is actually a lot of competing brands out there in the world of frisbee dunking games. From Disc Flyerz, Disc Bash, and Disc Slam — the market is surprising flooded. Luckily, there is an entire site dedicated to reviewing these brands up against KanJam, and guess what? KanJam wins outright.

This holiday season, get your jam on, just make sure it’s KanJam.

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