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EMAILED ON October 15, 2018 BY Wes Schlagenhauf

Lime tried to block the scooter companies who received San Francisco permits… it didn’t work out

Lime, the Uber-backed scooter startup recently denied the almighty scooter permit in San Francisco, has decided it won’t scoot gentle into that good night.

The company filed for a temporary restraining order against the city, arguing that its selection process was unfair.

In a press release, the company wrote that the city has chosen “2 other less experienced electric scooter companies” and that they should revisit their decision. 

Skippin’ and Scootin’

The “less experienced” companies Lime is referring to are Skip, a company started in DC, and Scoot, an electric moped company gettin’ into the scooter game.

Lime’s restraining order would’ve essentially blocked Skip and Scoot from deploying their products all over the city today, but of course, the restraining order was also denied.

Now, Lime says it “has no choice but to seek emergency relief in the court.”

Sometimes nice companies finish first

The city argues that Lime and Bird deployed scooters in the city before it had created a pilot program for the other companies, while companies like Skip and Scoot patiently waited like good little scooter startups for the city to come up with a plan.

According to City Attorney Dennis Herrera’s office, “The SFMTA’s permitting process for the pilot program was thoughtful, fair and transparent.” It also included an appeal process that Lime completely bypassed, opting to go straight to the courts instead.

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